Swamp Water punch / Punch au Bras mort flottant

Le punch qui tue


Swamp Water punch

With the Floating Arm of Death

  • Orange juice optional: floating arm-of-death (recipe follows)
  • Optional: ginger ale,
  • Alcohol of some kind
  • Blue food coloring

Put some blue food coloring into the orange juice punch until it turns a disgusting swamp-green color. The color is gross and the orange juice pulp floating around really adds to the effect. People will realize that the punch tastes good, but it will take them awhile to figure out it is orange juice.

Floating Arm-of-Death

  • Water or orange juice
  • optional: gummy worms

Freeze the water (and gummy worms if desired) in a clean rubber glove. Peel off the rubber glove and float the arm in the punch.

From: "Sky Scorcher" on Usenet

Collected by Bert Christensen Toronto, Ontario

Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes

Source: http://bertc.com/subfive/recipes/in...

Note Fred

Ce site est plein de recettes super-marrantes du même acabit (cocktail aux yeux sanglants faits avec des glaçons de radis, etc)

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