Ca fait un bout de temps que je suis intéressé à un outil intelligent pour la gestion de formulaires, et parmi mes stratégies l'une était le détournement de l'outil à quiz limesurvey - plus d'infos sur mon wiki: /dokuwiki/info:limesurvey


Et voilà que limesurvey annonce que la version 2 sera justement un "Simpleforms", et ce pour bientôt... Je trépigne d'impatience en espérant juste que ce soit pas un poisson d'avril!


LimeSurvey 2 will be rebuilt as a quiz tool!

Wednesday, 01 April 2009

In a bold move in todays developer meeting the LimeSurvey core developers concluded to target a new market for the upcoming LimeSurvey 2.0. The new version 2.0 (codename: zillion) will not, as originally intended, be created as a survey tool, but an explicit quiz tool. This turn of events resulted from more and more users asking in the forums and on the IRC support channel for functions if questions can be evaluated as true or false, implement according timers to force users to answer the question within a certain time and other functions, like the display if the previous question was wrong or false - and - as a high-point- the implementation of a two 'player'-mode so two quiz participiants can 'play' against each other so see who scores best.

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