Manif vs mine d'or de Rosia Montana ce dimanche

BrokenChair.jpgDimanche 6 octobre aura lieu une manifestation pour soutenir la résistance en Roumanie contre la mine d’or de Rosia Montana. Le rassemblement aura lieu à 17 heures, Place de Nations, Broken Chair.

Meeting place: Place des Nations, at the broken chair.

Join our protest for clean waters, strong mountains, life and freedom. We cannot be here for long without nature's support and without supporting each other. United we save Roșia Montană!

Please come prepared with umbrellas, bottles of water, photo camera, banners (any size is good), musical instruments (for those who have and know how to play them...), a jar colored with the Save Rosia Montana leaf and a small candle to put inside (let's hope it won't rain), colored pencils and papers (again, let's hope it will not rain).

The Romanian Government has approved the century's most controversial mining project - cyanide gold digging in Romania's beautiful mountains that can consequently affect the Danube and the Black Sea all together. People living in the area are forced to sell their homes, leave behind their lands, all for the benefit of industrial corporations.

Besides spelling environmental disaster, by proposing this law, the Romanian Government also commits a blatant breach of human rights and of the Romanian Constitution by expropriating its citizens of their lands and homes in the interest of a private company. The law also creates a dangerous precedent of tailoring Romanian laws for private projects instead of tailoring the projects to fit the laws.

We will continue our protests until:

- the Parliament’s Chambers – the Senate and the Deputy Chamber – will reject through vote the law proposal;

- the Government will immediately reject through governmental decision the environmental permit for the Rosia Montana gold mine;

- Rosia Montana will be included on Romania’s Tentative List for UNESCO

- Cyanide use in mining and shale gas exploitation using fracking technology will be strictly forbidden.

- The immediate resignation of the Romanian Prim Minister (Victor Ponta) and of the law proposal’s initiators: minister for big investments (Dan Şova), minister for the environment (Rovana Plumb), minister for culture (Daniel Barbu) and the director of Romania’s Agency for Mineral Resources (Gheorghe Duţu).

Watch the short documentary in English:

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