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concrete5.6 Unable to install database: Invalid default value for 'avDateAdded'

root@radeff-OptiPlex-780:/etc/mysql# vi my.cnf
port = 3306
The database object

You can load the active database object within any function or class by running the following command:

$db= Loader::db();

This makes the database object available in our current scope, meaning that we can now fetch and manipulate data.
Connecting to other databases

If you need to connect to a different database, you can switch out the active database object on the fly:

$db = Loader::db( 'newserver', 'newuser', 'newpassword', 'newdatabase', true);

When you’re done working with the other database, return to your default concrete5 database by clearing out the connection details:

$db = Loader::db(null, null, null, null, true);

$db->Execute('select * from TestTable');

Dashboard > System & Settings > Environment > Debug Settings

Dashboard > Reports > Logs


exemples block external_form : /concrete/blocks/external_form/forms (doc

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