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Pour créer un bloc en quelques minutes… Ensuite si on veut on peut adapter le bloc qui est automatiquement créé

Designer Content is an invaluable tool that allows designers to easily create custom block types. The purpose of this is to make content editing straightforward for your users, and to ensure that your styles are maintained – without having to rely on the complicated and error-prone TinyMCE styles. For example, let's say some of the pages on your site will contain information about company employees, and each employee has a name, a bio image, and a brief description – you can create a custom block with a textbox field for the name, an image selector for the bio image, and a wysiwyg editor for the description. You can also surround each element in html snippets (divs with classes, for example) to ensure that the content will be styled appropriately, without your users having to deal with the finicky TinyMCE toolbar.

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