F-Droid est un catalogue de logiciels libres et Open Source pour la plateforme Android. Le client F-droid facilite la découverte, l’installation et la mise à jour d’applications sur votre appareil Android.

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A beautiful calendar without ads, 100% money back guarantee.

Access LED flashlight from the Volume buttons

Use the LED flash of the camera as a flashlight. Easy access this functionality by pressing both volume buttons together. It works in screen on, lock screen and screen off (when enabled from settings).

À tester

Outliner for notes and tasks in plain-text

Add todo items and alarms

Helps people to quickly capture what's on their mind and get a reminder later at the right time. Included are two clear and beautiful material designed themes to make use experience better. No remote server is used, data is kept on your device.

Minimal TODO lists

Minimal todo is a very light and useful app, allowing you to add todos easily and quickly. It follows the Material guidelines completely.

Keep track of to-dos

Task manager. Create, view, and edit tasks. Organize tasks into projects.

Transfer text from your PC to the clipboard

Telnet to your Android device, send snippets of text to it and copy them to the device clipboard. It is useful for people who want to copy/paste text to their phones or tablets.

Two touchable chess timers

Simple Chess Clock is what its name implies: a chess clock (that’s simple!). It aims to be easy to use and easy to read, while also providing some reasonably expected features.

Navigation tool

Find your way back to a previously visited location using GPS coordinates.

Copier via le menu Partager

Copy to Clipboard integrates in to the Share menu, allowing you to copy text to the clipboard instead of sharing via an SMS/e-mail/tweet/etc.

This is useful when you want to share text to an application that does not implement the regular “send to” functionality, such as GTalk.

Une app métronome simple avec fonction tap tempo et système de présélection.

Synchroniser les données entre un smartphone et un serveur

Lancez vos applis rapidement avec cet outil ne demandant aucune permission!

Dictionary and TTS tools for editing poems

Etar est l'agenda Material design et open source pour tous !

Never miss the time to go home

Enter when you started working, how long was your break and see how long you have been working and when it's time to leave.

Gérer l'accès root Accéder à la ligne de commande Linux sous Android. Libérez votre âme de geek !

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