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Geany pour LaTeX

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:geany-dev/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install geany 

sudo apt-get install geany-plugin-addons geany-plugin-gdb geany-plugin-latex geany-plugin-lipsum geany-plugin-lua geany-plugin-sendmail geany-plugin-shiftcolumn geany-plugin-spellcheck geany-plugin-vc geany-plugins geany-plugins-common

Snippets are small strings or code constructs which can be replaced or completed to a more complex string. So you can save a lot of time by not typing often used strings and letting Geany do the work for you. To know what to complete or replace Geany reads a configuration file called snippets.conf at startup.

The system-wide configuration file can be found in $prefix/share/geany, where $prefix is the path where Geany is installed (see Installation prefix). It is not recommended to edit the system-wide file, because it will be overridden when Geany is updated.

To change the settings, copy the file from $prefix/share/geany in your configuration directory (usually ~/.config/geany/).

For example:

% cp /usr/local/share/geany/snippets.conf /home/username/.config/geany/

Then you can edit the file and the changes are also available after an update of Geany because the file resides in your configuration directory. Alternatively, you can create a file ~/.config/geany/snippets.conf and add only these settings you want to change. All missing settings will be read from the global snippets file in $prefix/share/geany.

Scrips snippets radeff (intranet)



01) From the menu bar, select Edit - Format - Send Selection to - Set Custom Commands.

02) Click the Add button in the Set Custom Commands window.

03) Enter sort in the command field and then click the OK button.

04) Select the text that you want to sort.

05) Right-click on the selected text and select Format - Send Selection to - sort to sort the selected text.

How to solve: Geany tried to access the Unix Domain socket of another instance running as another user. This is a fatal error and Geany will now quit?

  cd ~/.config/geany/ 
  sudo rm geany_socket_ubuntu__0
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