limesurveyEndUrl tests pour passer des variables à l'url final, source

url de redirection

ex http://yourServer/yourPath/action.php?var1={SAVEDID}&var2={TOKEN}&var3={SID}&lang={LANG}

End URL: This URL will be presented as a link at the end of the survey, 
and allows you to direct your participants back to your home page (or, in fact, anywhere). 
The End URL has to be entered with "http://" at the beginning, 
eg. (external link)

You can use {SAVEDID}, {TOKEN}, {SID} and {LANG} (since 1.71+) in this URL.

SAVEDID is the id assigned to this particular submission, 
TOKEN is the token used to participate in the survey, 
SID is the survey ID 
and LANG is the language code
eg.{SAVEDID}&var2={TOKEN}&var3={SID}&lang={LANG} (external link)

From version 1.82+ you can use URL fields with this field.

You can also use {INSERTANS:SGQA} in this URL (since 1.82+). 
This allows adding the response to a specific question in the survey to the final url. 
This can be useful for sending a response to an external script (ie an email address collected during the survey). 
eg: "{INSERTANS:1234X56X7}"

You can also use a 'pasthrough' fieldname and data value in the end url (versions 1.82+). 
In some instances you may want to pass a value to the survey at initialisation, 
and then have that value passed through to an external script at the end 
(for example a marketing firms subsid). 
In this case you'd start the survey with the query url 
In your url you would use {PASSTHRULABEL} and {PASSTHRUVALUE} to reuse these values at the end of the survey. 
A URL of "{PASSTHRULABEL}={PASSTHRUVALUE}" would convert to 
"" in this case. 
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