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Dokuwiki est le wiki que vous utilisez en ce moment


update / upgrade dw

Working with Lists / list faq

Top Bar

Thème / personnaliser la css

Installing DokuWiki


Menu de navigation (dw as a cms)

ACL / Users + Groups permissions on dokuwiki

ACL / Users + Groups permissions on dokuwiki


anchor Plugin (ancre HTML)

BBCode Plugin

block Plugin

++Blog Plugin


BookCreator Plugin


catlist Plugin

Changes Plugin

+CKGEdit Plugin

Columns Plugin

Copy Page Plugin

dokuwiki CSV Plugin

custombuttons plugin


DataTables Plugin

Denyactions Plugin


Discussion Plugin (+notification)

DocNavigation Plugin


Éditer la page de navigation

epub Plugin

Explain a Term Plugin

FAQ plugin

Farmer Plugin

Filelist plugin

Bureaucracy Plugin

freechat plugin

Icons Plugin

Groupmail Plugin

Image Map plugin

+++ GOOD: Include Plugin - pour lister automatiques des pages et des namespaces


Loadskin Plugin

markdowku Plugin (markdown)

++Markdown Page Plugin


Move Plugin

Notes de pied de page

Note Plugin

nssearch Plugin Export (plugin odt)

Pagelist Plugin

Navigation automatique aka pagenav

dw2pdf plugin

Piwik Plugin

qrcode plugin (2D-Barcodes)

RSS & Dokuwiki

slideshow s5 ppt style

showsamples Plugin (slideshow carrousel)


slider Plugin : abandonnné

Socialite Plugin


tablecalc Plugin

tablelayout Plugin

+++Tag Plugin


Textinsert macro

+Tile plugin (tuiles)

UML: plantumlparser Plugin

upgrade plugin



+++Wrap Plugin (metaplugin)

xtern External Link Check


Flux RSS dokuwiki

si votre dokuwiki est protégé


informations de sessions

si vous voulez récupérer le user actuel:

$utilisateur= $_SESSION[DOKU_COOKIE]['auth']['user'];

ATTENTION A AVOIR UN CACHE = 0 sinon apparait le précédent!!!

informations sur la version


When upgrading your installation, it might happen that DokuWiki continues to show the update message, even though the number in doku.php was increased by the upgrade. This is because DokuWiki caches already fetched messages for a day and will only refetch if the last modified timestamp of doku.php is higher than the one of the cache file. To stop the outdated update message from showing you can simply wait a day, touch1) the doku.php or delete the data/cache/messages.txt cache file.

rm data/cache/messages.txt

If you encounter some inconsistencies in DokuWiki's behaviour after upgrading, you should delete the cache files in data/cache/

sauvegardes avec *nix

#pour sauvegarder votre dokuwiki sur un serveur distant 
# a mettre dans un crontab eg me le lance tous les jours à 16h31
#31 16 * * * /home/radeff/bin/
#### a changer
chemin="/home/radeff/dokuwiki/data" #definir le repertoire
serveur="radeff@yourwebserver:~/backups/dokuwiki" #definir le serveur et le repertoire distant pour le backup
### ne plus rien changer ###
cd $chemin
rsync -az * $serveur
echo "Synchronisation effectuée"

Migrer dotclear sur dokuwiki


Voir le résultat sur mon blog:

Migrer dokuwiki -> markdown


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