Partitionner / mount (monter des volumes sous linux)

You need to add it to /etc/fstab use your favourite text editor

Be careful with this file as it can quite easily cause your system not to boot.

Add a line for the drive, the format would look like this.

This assumes the partition is formatted as ext4 as per mkfs above

#device        mountpoint             fstype    options  dump   fsck

/dev/sdb1    /home/yourname/mydata    ext4    defaults    0    1


/dev/sda6           /media/radeff/44b0b54a-be87-40ca-83dd-28a6099eaeb6 ext4 defaults 0 1
/dev/sda1          /media/radeff/c06ed6df-d3cd-447d-9f81-39193337affd ext3 defaults 0 1

répérer le type de partition avec gparted (dans l'exemple: ext4 et ext3)

 sudo apt-get install gparted

Partitionner et formater

un disque dur – Le blog technique de Microlinux -

meilleur format compatible *nix, pc et mac: exFat

  sudo apt-get install exfatprogs

utiliser ensuite un gestionaire de parition (kde ou gnu)

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