Rails (ou RoR pour Ruby on Rails)

Ruby on Rails, également appelé RoR ou Rails est un framework web libre écrit en Ruby. Il suit le motif de conception Modèle-Vue-Contrôleur.

Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all pre-configured and ready to run. No installer, you simply drop it into the directory of your choice and run it. It does not modify your system environment. See the Release Notes for a complete list of what is included. (genre xampp pour rails; à voir la facilité avec laquelle on installe rails, on peut se demander si c'est bien utile…)

Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide (Pragmatic Programmers) 1st Edition by Dave Thomas (Author), David Heinemeier Hansson (Author), Leon Breedt (Author), Mike Clark (Author), Thomas Fuchs (Author), Andrea Schwarz (Author)

Wireframes and Mockups

You can track your tasks with a simple to-do list. Some entrepreneurs like the discipline of the GTD system (Getting Things Done) for personal productivity and time management. Our article on Rails and Project Management See the article on Rails and Project Management for a list of kanban web applications.

* We’ll use Heroku to host the tutorial application so anyone can reach it.

Hosted Computing provides a hosted development environment. That means you set up an account and then access a remote computer from your web browser. The service is free for ordinary use.

RVM, the Ruby Version Manager.

rvm list

You can see a list of available gemsets associated with the current Ruby version:

rvm gemset list

La commande « rvm » est introuvable, mais il y en a 26 similaires

New rail

rails new --help

launch the application by entering the command:

rails server


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